Michal Hantl

Ruby on Rails JavaScript

I help entrepreneurs with their SaaS apps.

My story

Ruby on Rails developer at Milk.ly

My first gig at a startup.

Learned a lot about the startup mindset, pivoting and the joys and pains the founders have to go through.

Ruby on Rails developer at CatchTalk.TV

Was excited to work on this B2B youtube-killer project for business talks. Too bad the project ran out of money and wasn't able to raise seed round.

RoR developer at Yellow Robot

Helped a fellow micropreneur with his four years old app, that needed some bringing up to speed with latest technology and add some long missed features.

RoR developer at Productboard

These guys have a seriously awesome product for product teams, which I had the pleasure to be part of for two months. Fully single page app, packed with React and node.js goodies.

Your app

Now you want someone to build or grow your app. You want a guy who knows the ropes of building a product.

Who isn't afraid of pivots, cares for the business health, and the customer.

Read on..

How I approach things

Always thinking about the user

It's so easy to build the wrong thing, with user in mind it's more likely, the product will succeed.

Business goals are my goals

I am always working on a side project app so I know how important it is to understand the customer's business.

Need someone who gets it?

I know the pains a product has to go through to succeed and the tough decisions, that have to be made.

Need a little brainstorming?

If you want someone who not only follows directions, but is able to give you a little bit of creative push-back, look no further.

Or just looking for advice?

Maybe you're just starting out with your first app and need some general advice from someone who's been down the rabbit hole.

Hit me with an email.

How can I help

Picking the right idea?

Sometimes we can get stuck picking the right idea. Call me up for some thoughts, maybe the solution simpler than you think!

Define minimal viable product and build it

The initial phase of getting to a working product can take 1-2 years. Especially if it's your first one.

Let me help you define the MVP and build it in 4-6 months and cut the time to market.

Take your MVP to the next level

Got something built already, maybe even some first users? Great! Now it's the time to grease the wheels and smooth out some leftover rough edges.

What now?

Now you should email me.
Seriously, do it.
I love reading email.